Guest Artist: Loren Fisher

May 19 – June 15th

[Not a valid template]Loren FisherRaised in Los Osos by a free-spirited Fire Chief, a tough-as-nails Military Commander, and two Golden Retrievers, Loren is an elegant aggregate of her upbringing. She is an expression of easy-going, strong-willed determinism. She is rough and raw and motivated, yet childishly innocent and light-hearted: attitudes that manifest in her artwork.

The flowers are a reflection of her simple, naïve appreciation of beauty which has led her to paint, create, and get lost in the Sierra Backcountry.

The trout are a reflection of her stead-fastedness that has pushed her towards mountain climbing, competitive distance running, and earned her a spot at the Tulane School of Medicine this fall.

In her travels, she finds peace + deliberation in painting the trout and flowers she knows from home. Each is a blend of her familiarity with the subject and the surroundings in which she finds herself.

As an artist, Loren’s identifies with the vibrancy of bright, deep pigments found in watercolor, and the sharp contrast achieved with ink. Her paintings tend to both defy and define the boundaries that the eye is used to formulating in reality as the trout’s spots fly from its fins onto the blank paper, and the black lines sculpt the trademark shape of the her fish and flowers. Loren constructs her images by allowing the free movement of water on the paper to dictate where the pigment will settle. The final products showcase layers of thoughtful application that simultaneously personify the spirit of each subject’s liveliness and exposes her own.